Promo Interviews:

There several ways to do this you can present yourself even feature colleagues and clients. Alternatively there's the very popular chat show scenario where you can be interviewed by a professional presenter. Its a very effective way of getting your message across without you feeling pressured into having to deliver facts and figures. Its simply a relaxed conversation that can be both informative and entertaining. 

Jordan Watson

talks about his feelings before the tournament. Jordan Watson

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Group Member

Derek Taylor (Winchester)-Pato sustain

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Professional stuntman Gary Connery

was one of four protesters who climbed unharnessed up the 56-metre (185ft) monument in Trafalgar Square at 0500 BST on Friday, and reached the top just an hour later. He then leapt off, opening his parachute moments before he landed. The remaining protesters then unfurled a photo of the Dalai Lama - the spiritual and political leader of the Tibetan people - before abseiling down.

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Ramsey Hall

Leaders in Management Consultancy

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Geoff Motley talks to Terry Irwin

At Business Web Talk. Terry Irwin - Management Consultant for strategic advice and practical support to help privately owned businesses to thrive.

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Rajiv Ouseph

Britans No1 for the last three years in Badminton Singles.

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