January 15th 2017
Whiteboard animation videos are an exciting and innovative way to advertise and market your services and products.

January 2nd 2017
Video Shoot Productions joined Middlesex’s finest, 23 YOUNG people from a Muslim Youth Association across Middlesex came to Hanworth Park, in Hounslow Borough to litter-pick and street clean on New Years Day 2017.

December 20th 2016

IT'S BACK, Presentation training for live events and broadcasting. Video Shoot Production joins forces with Geoff Motley, Senior Partner at GMA.

April 23rd 2016
CB Hounslow Sport Club moves into the next phase of construction into the building of the sports club.

January 31st 2016

Digitizing the shop floor accelerates continuous improvement and empowers 
your operational teams. This was the main brief to produce an animation that had some amazing research completed by Hitachi Consulting. Video Shoot Production took the research and produced and animation that explained the concept of digitizing the shop floor. 

January 13th 2016

An effective video is as much about its visual style as the actual message it delivers.  Great words need to be encapsulated by attractive footage using a professional presenter in an interview style presentation or a carefully coached executive who feels up to presenting on camera.  Our client elected to participate in a discussion programme with a guest presenter.

November 19th 2015

Fastbraces® Technologies have commended the work of Video Shoot Productions Ltd, after a continuous successful services to their seminars. Fastbraces is a wonderful technology that helps dentists and orthodentist do comprehensive non-extraction orthodontics fast, with ease and quality.

January 5th 2015

In 2013 Esselte celebrated a century of innovative organisational solutions for workplaces throughout the world. Video Shoot Productions is proud to be working with Esselte to create quality innovative videos.

December 15th 2014

In December 2014 Video Shoot Productions travelled to Ghana as MTA Intl’s representative. I spent two weeks teaching at Ghana’s Broadcast Corporation, on best practices to create short news packages and how to improve their productions.

August 15th 2014


The video is dedicated to children, in a style a young audience will appreciate and feel comfortable with, imparting a sense of reassurance in a friendly, clear style. This video is made up of illustrations and animated to follow a short script. 

May 20th 2013

I spent the weekend in Norfolk, filming the Race For Life for Cancer Research UK. There were two 5K runs and one 10K run and there were more than 8,000 runners, joggers, walkers and even dancers. People were taking part for loved ones who lost their lives to cancer, people they knew suffering with cancer and anyone else wanting to see cancer beaten.

September 28th 2012

CB Hounslow Sport Club, is becoming the leading Community Sports Club in the Hounslow area. Video Shoot is a proud sponsor

August 23rd 2012

When ex Eastenders actor John Altman, aka Nick Cotton, was looking to break into the charts with his band HEAVY METAL KIDS we were called in to shoot some video at the studios of Blast Radio by The Mighty Quinn to have a blast ;)

June 16th 2012
Video Shoot Productions are very pleased to announce we will be shooting your business tips at the Business in Berkshire EXPO at Blue Mountain Golf Club on 21st June 2012.

May 8th 2012
If you are new or been in the game for a long time. working with video shoot productions ltd with be the help and support you need. Hire this camera from us and get the our expertise.

March 12th 2012
Maximise your marketing budget, a professionally produced video with animation, graphics, music and a professional voice over.

January 12th 2012
Converting old videos and tapes to more modern DVD or hard disk formats is a new service from Video Shoot Productions

November 25th 2011
Multi award winning film maker, Hanif Khan who goes under the handle of @hanifkhan_1 on Twitter is currently producing the 2020 Social Media DVD. He has recently been working with some American multi-millionaire web marketers and is keen to share his new found wisdom.

September 6th 2011
Corporate video for accountancy practice in Basingstoke. Enjoy the video above created for Cranleys Chartered Accountants for their Winton House property, business serviced offices based in Basingstoke.

August 15th 2011
A VIDEO PRODUCTION on a shoe string budget – turned around in 24hrs of shooting.  Green Parlour Florists were looking for a video production company to produce a short video of their services, they only had a small budget and they needed it yesterday! Emma Sampson, owner of Green Parlour Florists, knocked on our door and asked could we turn the video around quickly if they did some of the prep? Of course we can…

August 8th 2011
Sienna Myson Davies is a talented gold medal winning equestrian and a valued member of Team GB. She has the personality and looks to make a mark in broadcasting, not only featuring the equestrian world but in programme making generally, from sport to fashion.

August 7th 2011
Recently Video Shoot Productions worked with students at The Heston Community School on a creative media project commissioned by Octink, an award-winning display specialist based in Brentford.

August 2nd 2011
Revamping our corporate video production website. We’ve been looking to polish up our Video Shoot Productions website for a few months and so on our way back from a meeting in Maidenhead today I popped in to see Jon Davey of Social Media Directors.

June 9th 2011
Video Testimonials – say it with moving pictures. Cranleys Chartered Accountants commissioned Video Shoot Productions to produce video testimonials to compliment the corporate video we produced for their accountancy and serviced office business.

January 4th 2011
When is back pain not a pain, when it’s working for Bash Kaifi, Osteopath! Over the last few months we have been working on a video production & website creation project for Bash Kaifi, an Osteopath from Hounslow, West London.

October 29th 2010
Get your online video clips created by Video Shoot Productions by simply calling 0207 193 9005. Or to find out more about Video Shoot Productions sign up for <a href="">today’s Top Clip Tips</a> on the home page of the website.

September 22nd 2009
Local SKY TV man meets the Premier and films Sarah Brown An award-winning film-maker from Hounslow who has had dinner with Gordon Brown as a result of his skills and filmed Sarah Brown in the living room at No 10, is inviting SME’s in the Borough to experience the fantasy of the film world, whilst showcasing their service.

September 29th 2006
Thames Valley based Video Shoot productions recently filmed and produced a programme for Sky Sports on the World Championship Muay Thai Boxing.

August 31st 2006
This was an inspirational project, we produced an audio version of a brochure for the blind and the visually impaired. The audio file was placed on a CD and distributed with the brochure. Led by The Centre for Leadership Studies at the University of Exeter, ASCEND seeked to offer disabled people professional developmet that supports them in rising to the challange of leadership in public life.

July 27th 2006
Video Shoot Productions Ltd completes the first in the series of the internationally renowened martial artists Gary Wasniewski training DVD of all TYGA KATAS and worldwide Seminars, Demos and TV Interviews

May 12th 2006

The first true screen innovation since light was first projected onto a flat screen, the new Pyramid Screen is a multi dimensional screen surface shaped as a pyramid. An eye-catching design in itself, the device creates stunning visual effects to stimulate and awaken the viewers' senses. Its primary use is to engage a customer and increase the dwell time spent on a brand.