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Race For Life – Cancer Research UK – BIG SCREEN CONTENT

More than 8,000 runners, joggers, walkers and even dancers from Norfolk took part in rasing money for Cancer Research UK. People were taking part for loved ones who lost their lives to cancer, people they knew suffering with cancer and anyone else wanting to see cancer beaten.

Did you know there are over 200 forms of cancers and all the money raised at events like these raise money for scientists to find cures for these cancers. Research has beaten Polio, beating HIV and with the more research one day can beat cancer.

I am writing this because this year we helped with putting all the big screen content together that is shown on the screen during the races. These messages are instructional, motivational and thought provoking.


Video Shoot Productions has been providing video production services for more than 10 years and have a quality team that can help in all aspects of TV and Video production. Through our partners we can help with outdoor large screens and Audio Video for conferences.


It was great to see so many people having fun and raising money for a worthy cause. Get involved with Cancer Research UK, there is time to find your nearest race course up and down the UK.

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This year, Tesco, Scottish Power, Acqua Pura and Heart FM are the lead sponsors.

Pioneering research can kill cancer and save millions of lifes, chances of survival have doubled since 14 years and future generations will no longer need to fear.

Two really cool things you can do on the day is to leave messages to be recorded and read by others and buy a T-shirt containing names of all those who took part in the race at your event.

Here is a quick short video of ladies performing The Cancer Slam Dance, in Norfolk on Sunday 19th May 2013 before the race started. Its a way of warming up all the participants before they start the race.

 Here is the official 'The Dance Slam' you can learn it from this video on YouTube.


I was moved and prayed for all those involved. God give them all the strength to keep up the great work and continue to make inroads to curing cancer.

Just one small note, remeber to return your sponsorship money.


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